Mini Round Eye Tag Stones Bracelet new

Mini Round Eye tag Stones Bracelet



Size and Details:
22k silver 925
height: 1.9 cm
diameter: 1.4 cm

Bracelet option:
Total length: 20cm

Anklet option:
Total length: 28cm

Available stones options:
1. White coral
2. Pink coral
3. Orange coral
4. Amazonite
5. Blue agate
6. Amethyst
7. Black spinel
8. Yellow agate

Editor’s notes:
Inspired by the talismanic power and referred to as –mati- in greek, Barbóra’s signature eye talisman has an amorphous round shape with three knots along protecting the wearer against evil eye charging him with good vibes! This is an allegorical idea blending the eye charm, the number 3 (3 knots) as a common triangular belief in many cultures and the knot praying way with each knot to have a unique wish for the receiver!