Eye Charm pearl cord



Size and Details:
Total length: 1.35 m
Pearl: 0.9mm

Editor’s notes:
This versatile piece will be your best easy going jewellery piece with your everyday outfits! Wear it as a long necklace or twisted around your neck. It can also be worn as a bracelet just by twisted it multiple times around your wrist or as a belt! Make a knot or just tie it to keep it steady.
The detail on the end of the rope is featuring Barbóra’ s signature eye talisman. Inspired by the talismanic power and referred to as –mati- in greek, the eye talisman has three knots along protecting the wearer against evil eye and charging him with good vibes! This is an allegorical idea blending the eye charm, the number 3 (3 knots) as a common triangular belief in many cultures and the knot praying way with each knot to have a unique wish for the receiver!